El Profesional

El Profesional (El Pro-feh-see-oh-nal) A lightweight, high performance snow saw designed to increase your craftsmanship and deliver clean and repeatable snowpack tests. Now in stock and ready to ship! See below for more details on this snow saw.

  • Category: Snow saws
  • SKU: ElPro201801




  • Made from the same type of aluminum used to make airplane parts- Ultralight, but strongest in class 7075 T6, this saw is strong, won't deflect easily when pulling through snow, and won't rust.
  • Hand sharpened teeth: Crust buster/wood teeth in front, and alternately beveled dual point snow removing teeth in back. 
  • Weight: 3.2oz, with tooth protector total weight is 4.5oz. 
  • A 30cm mark distinguished by a peak on the edge of the 4th cutout hole.
  • Features a long flat blunt edge, perfect for Propagation Saw Tests.
  • Total length is just over 20", or 51cm- This is long enough to cut out pie wedges, but should fit in most packs easily.
  • Bottle opener on back of the last tooth just in case you only have bottles for the tailgate at the end of the day.
  • Comes with a rubberized tooth protector, decals on both sides, and a sticker.